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Taco-Bell-promo-image.png Taco Bell
Taco Bell's limited-time taco subscription is only available in the Tucson area.

Taco Bell is testing a taco subscription program

The Taco Lover’s Pass is a LTO that lets customers get one free taco a day for 30 days this fall

Taco Bell announced Monday that they are testing a limited time, in-app-only taco subscription program. Customers of select stores in the Tucson, Ariz. region that sign up between now and Nov. 24 can get one free taco per day for 30 days straight.

Here’s how it works: customers can purchase their taco subscription on the Taco Bell app from the Online Exclusives section for between $5-$10 per person depending on location. From there, they will have access to a “secret menu” of tacos on the app from which they can choose one taco per day. Options include the crunchy taco, crunchy taco supreme, soft taco, soft taco supreme, Doritos Locos Tacos, Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme, and the spicy potato soft taco.

“The digital offering is a testament to Taco Bell’s continued commitment to digital innovation and providing new and unique ways for fans to engage with the brand,” Taco Bell said in an emailed statement about the subscription program.

For now, the Taco Lover’s Pass is available at 17 locations in the Tucson, Ariz. area and is only eligible for in-store pickup (not delivery) orders.

Taco Bell isn’t the first restaurant chain to dip their toes into the world of digital subscriptions. Pre-pandemic, Panera Bread had announced a coffee subscription program and more recently,  On the Border tried a queso subscription program while earlier this year, BBQ Holdings had hinted at launching a ‘que subscription service soon.

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