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McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski launches Instagram page

CEO: ‘McDonald’s can change the world in a way that no other company can’

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski launched an Instagram page Monday, signifying his plans to be a transparent leader who champions the burger brand’s core values on a public platform.

“We recognize our responsibilities as one of the world's leading companies, and we're committed to being part of the solution wherever we can make a difference. Quite simply, we commit to use our Scale for Good,” he told employees Monday in a message obtained by Nation’s Restaurant News. “All of this is underpinned by our core values, which are the bedrock of our company. We must now champion and apply them more evenly across the three-legged stool to be even stronger.”

In his opening Instagram statement, Kempczinski summarized that message by saying McDonald’s is about “Opportunity, Community and Solutions.”

“I firmly believe that McDonald’s can change the world in a way that no other company can, and we’re just getting started,” he said.

By mid-morning, he had more than 800 followers.

Since becoming CEO in early November after the abrupt firing of Steve Easterbrook, Kempczinski has held various town hall meetings with chain employees and leaders from around the world. During those meetings, he’s conveyed his expectations going forward.

“The mission I’m asking you to re-enlist in is to make this company an example for the world and to do the right thing each and every day,” he said in a town hall meeting held in November.

At the time, the newly tapped CEO also solicited feedback from employees through a survey. More than 1,000 employees gave him feedback.

I have been impressed by the candid feedback and now it's my turn to share three things that make me deeply proud of our system,” he said in the message.

He said McDonald’s creates opportunity, builds community and collaborates on solutions.

“Our ambition is to offer everyone an opportunity to fulfill their dreams, no matter where they're starting from. If you're willing to work hard, and live our values, McDonald's can change your life,” he said about the brand’s ability to give people opportunities.

And, while McDonald's is a global brand, he reminded employees that the company is a local business.

“Families visiting our restaurants aren't just customers, they're neighbors. That sense of community is what makes our system so special,” Kempczinski said.

The CEO thanked employees for their hard work and hinted at some “exciting milestones ahead” for the company.

At the end of his message, he embedded a quote from the business man who built the McDonald’s empire, Ray Kroc: “We never have been satisfied with less than the best in the past and that will continue to be our watchword in the future.”

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