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NRN Weekly Wrap: Top 10 stories

Restaurant chains’ perceived healthfulness led the most-read stories at this week. A consumer study by social analytic firm DigitalCoCo found that McDonald’s, Chipotle and Olive Garden were considered most healthful in their respective segments among social-media “tastemakers.”

Roark Capital vice president Geoff Hill’s industry insights, and major executive changes at California Pizza Kitchen and Texas Roadhouse, also grabbed readers. And NRN’s exclusive look at what goes into some of the most popular better burgers continued to be a hot item.

Meanwhile, the chef of the Ringling Bros. traveling circus offered advice on operating a food truck, and quick-service restaurants saw demand increase for coffee.

Click through NRN’s Weekly Wrap slideshow for the top 10 stories from the week of August 15, including a look at the evolution of McDonald’s McCafé line, Subway’s new crispy chicken and Outback’s growth plans.

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