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Food Writer's Diary: Local in, burgers out

Blog readers weigh in on top food trends

Local and seasonal ingredients were a highlight of food in 2010, according to a poll conducted on the Nation’s Restaurant News blog Food Writer’s Diary.

A majority of the 65 participants in the poll also indicated that they had seen enough of burgers and sliders.

The poll, which asked the blog’s readers to pick from among five big food trends in 2010, was conducted during the last two weeks of December.

Thirty-eight respondents, or 58 percent, said local/seasonal was their favorite trend in 2010. Twelve respondents picked small plates as the best trend of 2010 and seven each picked comfort food and pork. Just one respondent ticked the box for burgers/sliders.

Asked what 2010 they’d like to see less of this year, 29 of the 47 people who answered the question said they’d like to see fewer burgers and sliders. Eight picked pork, four said they’d had enough of comfort food, and three each said they’d like to see less of small plates and local/seasonal items.

Readers also were invited to suggest what other trends they’d like to see more or less of in 2011, and responses included more underground restaurants, turkey — for its diversity and nutritional value — and local-cheese plates.

Trends they didn’t like included the “demonization of sugar.”

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