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Consumers want more say on their food, study finds

SAN FRANCISCO Consumers across five countries want a greater say about food ingredients, safety and quality, according to a new research report.

The study, based on a survey of 1,000 consumers in the United States, China, Germany, Argentina and the United Kingdom, indicated that people expect restaurateurs and food companies to recognize them as a development partner by 2020.

The survey was completed in August by Ketchum Inc., a public relations and advertising company with offices in San Francisco and in New York. The findings of “Food 2020: The Consumer as CEO” were aired in San Francisco during a briefing for representatives of the restaurant, food and grocery store industries, among others.

According to Ketchum, at least half the respondents said they want more involvement in determining what ingredients and additives are included in what they eat. They also indicated that they want more say in the source of ingredients and the treatment of animals that are used for food; nutritional content; and who should be responsible for food safety and quality.

Linda Eatherton, director of Ketchum’s global food and nutrition practice, spoke with Nation’s Restaurant News managing editor Alan Liddle about the survey findings and what she believes they portend for foodservice. Watch the video here. 

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