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Eckert and Rogers joined the board on the same day in May 2003.

Two McDonald’s directors retire from the board

Robert Eckert and John Rogers Jr. joined the McDonald’s board of directors on the same day in May 2003.

Robert Eckert and John Rogers Jr. are retiring from McDonald’s board of directors, effective as of the company’s 2023 shareholders’ meeting. Those meetings have historically been held in late May, though the 2023 date has not yet been announced.

Eckert and Rogers joined the board on the same day in May 2003. The company said their retirements are “consistent with the board’s commitment to ongoing refreshment that maintains an appropriate balance of continuity and institutional knowledge with fresh perspectives among directors.”

This announcement comes less than a year after the board elected four new independent directors – Tony Capuano, Jennifer Taubert, Amy Weaver and Kareem Daniel – and announced another retirement from Sheila Penrose.

In a statement, Board Chairman Enrique Hernandez Jr. recognized Eckert’s service as chairman of the compensation committee and as inaugural chairman of the public policy and strategy committee, where he oversaw the company’s long-term strategy and operations. He also commended Rogers for helping to expand the company’s efforts to “promote equitable opportunity and diversity” across the business.

“McDonald’s is stronger because of their service,” Hernandez said.

In a statement, CEO Chris Kempczinski added, “We’ve all benefitted from Bob and John’s invaluable counsel as we’ve navigated several challenges including the COVID pandemic and war in Ukraine. Their leadership has helped position the company for long-term growth and strengthened its global reputation.”

McDonald’s recently announced its Accelerating the Arches 2.0 strategy, with plans to accelerate development and sharpen its focus on digital, delivery and drive-thru channels. The company is also evaluating some roles and staffing levels to, “help us move faster as an organization, while reducing our global costs and freeing up resources to invest in our growth,” Kempczinski said in January. At that time, he confirmed that “some” jobs that currently exist are going to be reorganized or cut all together. These decisions are expected to be made in early April.

McDonald’s reports Q1 2023 results on April 25.

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