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Chefs on the move: New positions at restaurants, hotels, and other foodservice operations across the country

See news about Andrew Ayala , David Belknap, John Beriker, Josh Black, April Bloomfield , Billy Boyle, Brian Brindza , Chris Buffin, Benjamin Clement, Steve Garza, Ryan Walker, Doug Gerpheide , William Gideon, Laurent Hollaender, Ben Jaffe, Kishen Jagmohan, Eli Kaimeh, Dan Kennedy, Owen Klein, Alexander Kuzin, Jean Leathersich, Francisco Lopez, Jr., Manjit Manohar, Gordon Maybury, Patrick Meany, Jim O’Connor, Albert Park, Augie Saucedo, Walter Silva, Justin Spott, Christopher Tyler, Megan Vaughan, Sam Walter, and Losa Salvieus Yi

The biggest news is probably that April Bloomfield, who left the restaurant scene for a while following scandals around her business partner’s misconduct at The Spotted Pig in New York City, will apparently resurface in Brooklyn, N.Y., according to an Instagram post by restaurateur Gabriel Stulman, who said he’s her new business partner.

Eli Kaimeh, the former chef de cuisine of Thomas Keller’s landmark Per Se restaurant, also in New York, is now working for Orlando-based Tavistock Restaurant Collection, which operates 15 concepts in Central and South Florida as well as in Atlanta, Boston, and, Las Vegas.

Kaimeh is the group’s new culinary director, working alongside vice president of food & beverage Michael Ferraro.

In chain restaurant news, Brian Brindza is the new chef of Toppers Pizza and Owen Klein has left CKE Restaurants, the parent of Carl’s Jr., and Hardee’s, to work for Cava.

Jean Leathersich is now running development at CKE.

Read on to see where other chefs have landed in recent weeks.

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Correction: April 07, 2023
This gallery has been updated to clarify that Eli Kaimeh is working alongside Michael Ferraro at Tavistock Restaurant Group.
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