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Meet the Power List 2017 Operators

The Operators on the list are relying on their expertise to make sure their restaurant operations are in top shape.

Valerie Daniels-Carter, President & CEO, V&J Holdings Inc.

Setting a high standard of excellence for her franchise group

See more about Valerie Daniels-Carter >>


Dhanani Group

Shoukat Dhanani, President, Dhanani Group

Constructing a franchise giant with steady growth

See more about Shoukat Dhanani >>


Tom Garrett, Founder & CEO, GPS Hospitality

Investing in mature restaurant brands

See more about Tom Garrett >>


Guillermo Perales, President & CEO, Sun Holdings Inc.

Dominating with a diversified franchisee business 

See more about Guillermo Perales >>


Jim Schwartz, Chairman & CEO, NPC International Inc.

Lending operational muscle to Wendy’s, Pizza Hut portfolio

See more about Jim Schwartz >>


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