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Chequan-Lewis-Headshot.jpg Pizza Hut
Chequan Lewis did not specify where he is going next in his career.

Pizza Hut chief operating officer Chequan Lewis exits the company

The former COO announced on LinkedIn that he has left the Yum Brands company after eight years in multiple leadership positions

Pizza Hut chief operating officer Chequan Lewis announced on LinkedIn that he exited the Yum Brands company at the end of January, though did not announce where he is headed next.

“The last eight years I spent at Pizza Hut stretched me and strengthened me; The people that I worked alongside challenged me and championed me,” Lewis said in a post on LinkedIn announcing his job change. “I couldn’t have asked for more from a journey that took me from franchise lawyer to senior director of our non-traditional business to Chief Equity Officer to Chief Operating Officer. I found joy in working to deliver a world class guest experience. I found real value in partnering with our franchisees. And I found purpose in working to make every restaurant a pathway to greater possibility for every frontline team member.”

Lewis spent eight years at Pizza Hut, where he started off as senior counsel, and then worked his way up the ladder of the company to chief equity officer in 2020. Most recently, Lewis was promoted to chief operating officer in Jan. 2022. He was named to NRN’s Power List in 2022 for helping to expand a people-first culture at Pizza Hut.

 “Pizza Hut is an organization committed to fostering the growth and development of our unrivaled talent," a Pizza Hut spokesperson told Nation's Restaurant News. "We wish Chequan Lewis the very best in his new role. We have an unparalleled operations team in place at Pizza Hut with members who are committed to continuing to provide guests with the experience they know and love at the Hut.”  

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