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Odd Burger is on the lookout for a new CFO.

Odd Burger chief financial officer Ted Sehl steps down due to health complications

The restaurant company announced Sehl stepped down Jan. 1 due to an ‘unexpected and severe medical event requiring surgery’

Canadian plant-based burger franchise Odd Burger announced Friday that the company’s chief financial officer and director, Ted Sehl, stepped down on Jan. 1 due to health complications. According to the company’s announcement, Sehl had to resign due to an “unexpected an severe medical event requiring surgery” and that Odd Burger is currently undergoing a search for a CFO replacement.

According to the statement, the company wishes Sehl well in his recovery and thanked him for his hard work and dedication to Odd Burger.

"Ted has made a significant contribution to our company, and we will miss him tremendously," James McInnes, CEO and cofounder of Odd Burger said in a statement. "Ted created an amazing team and I am confident in their ability to continue operating our financial division without interruption."  

Odd Burger was founded in 2014 as a plant-based burger chain and claims to be the first vegan chain to go public. The company went public in Canada in 2021 and began trading on the U.S. market the same year while the company started expanding across North America outside of Canada. As of the end of 2023, Odd Burger has 12 locations open in Canada, with several franchise agreements in motion in the U.S., including in New York City and across Washington state.

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