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Nation’s Restaurant News launches a new podcast: First Bite

The daily news podcast will go live on Monday


Welcome to Nation’s Restaurant News’ newest podcast, First Bite. This podcast, hosted by Holly Petre, is your morning burst of news followed by a deep dive into one of the trending stories of the day.

Delivered to your phone early every morning, this podcast is here to bring you the news alongside your first cup of coffee along with some context from an NRN senior editor on one of their stories.

On this podcast, you’ll learn all about the issues of the day, plus hear more from NRN editors on their feature stories and get a chance to peek behind the scenes to learn more about how the news is written and what our editors think.

You’ll hear predictions and opinions and plenty more from the editors along with the trending stories of the day.

First Bite is joining the NRN family of podcasts that includes Extra Serving and Take-Away with Sam Oches.

The first episode will go live on Monday, July 18, so subscribe to First Bite now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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