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BiteLabs is a new delivery-focused platform in this new era of "not ghost kitchens."

Hungry House and MegaBite merge into digital-forward fast-casual company BiteLabs

New York City ‘anti-ghost kitchen’ company Hungry House and Peruvian/Mexican food delivery platform MegaBite are joining forces to expand internationally

New York City-based, self-proclaimed “anti-ghost kitchen” company, Hungry House, is merging with the Lima, Peru and Mexico-based delivery-forward restaurant platform, MegaBite, the companies announced this week. The merged company, BiteLabs, will be tasked with bringing “chef-inspired, digitally-forward” fast-casual brands to major markets in both North and South America. Pedro Neira, CEO of MegaBite, has been named the CEO of newly created entity, BiteLabs.

Currently, the company has a combined 13 locations in the U.S., Mexico, and Peru with combined annual revenues of $6 million. Both companies will continue to operate their mutual brands, with vertical integration across in-store retail, first-party delivery, and third-party delivery partnerships with the major delivery platforms.

“We believe that Hungry House and MegaBite, operating together, have the potential to be the most innovative, tech-enabled, multi-brand fast-casual restaurant group across the Americas,” Neira said in a statement. “We'll continue to bring our vision of chef-backed fast casual restaurants with a dynamic in-store experience, and a robust native app, to diverse audiences passionate about great food.”

Neira goes on to stipulate that because consumers will be able to experience these brands both in person and digitally, BiteLabs is not considered a ghost kitchen company. Instead, the company uses the increasingly popular, digital-forward omnichannel operations model to differentiate the newly formed international company.  

“I would say our business model mirrors more that of Sweetgreen, CAVA, and Shake Shack,” Neira said. “The only difference is that we are serving multiple brands in our locations and not just one."

Together, the company will be drawing on both platforms’ separate strengths, including Hungry House’s business-to-business catering service expertise and Hungry house’s data-driven omnichannel food delivery optimization capabilities. The founding team includes Neira, as well as COO and head of culinary operations, Andrew Corrigan (former area director of fast-casual brand, Dig), and head of growth, Solamon Cruz Estin (formerly Uber Eats).

“We will aim not only to significantly increase our revenue performance, but also work toward world-class unit economics across our soon-to-be 15 locations in a retail-forward model, collaborate with our inspiring chef partners, and delight our curious diners from the US to Latin America,” Neira said.

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