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The sober social scene is here: 5 booze-less bar concepts

The mocktail trend widens its aperture

In the past, bar customers who choose to not partake in drinking alcohol might have chosen to order a club soda with a lemon squeeze. But now they don’t have to pretend in order to partake in adult social scenes. Recently, the sober bar trend has been rising in popularity, particularly in youthful urban areas like Brooklyn.

With mixologists onboard creating mocktails made of homemade sodas, syrups, bitters, and herbs, these sober bars are proving that you don’t need liquor to craft an appealing adult beverage.

We’ve rounded up some of the burgeoning booze-free nightlife establishments around the nation, from popups with aspirations for more permanent digs, to sober social clubs connected to recovery lifestyles.

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Correction: May 14, 2019
This story has been updated to correct the spacing in Valeria DelaPava's name.
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