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KFC hides Colonel’s ‘secret recipe’ on Twitter

KFC hides Colonel’s ‘secret recipe’ on Twitter

Brand exclusively follows 11 herbs & spices (sort of)

KFC has released yet another creative marketing campaign, this time by planting an Easter egg on its Twitter account on Sept. 18, which was only discovered Thursday by an attentive Twitter user.

Paying homage to the Louisville-based fried-chicken chain’s fabled secret recipe, the brand’s Twitter account now follows a mere 11 accounts: six men named “Herb” and five members of the Spice Girls musical group. The move tips the cap to brand’s classic “11 herbs & spices” recipe.

“Our vault was getting cleaned so I thought the best place to keep the secret recipe was on Twitter,” a KFC spokesman said in a tongue-and-cheek statement. “No one’s going to look at who we’re following!’ I thought. Boy was I wrong. I’ve made a huge mistake.”

KFC has invested heavily in detailed marketing campaigns that paint the brand in a humorous light since 2015. 

Last month, the company released a GPS cassette recording that featured a portrayal of Colonel Sanders giving not-so-helpful directions to drivers journeying from Louisville to Georgia.

The brand jokingly presents the item as a technological breakthrough — which it clearly isn’t — that subtly reinforced the idea that KFC does not take shortcuts.

“We wanted to create the cassette tape with the idea that the Colonel solely did things the hard way,” Steve Kelly, director of media and digital for KFC U.S. told NRN last month. “He was never cutting corners. And he always had that showman aspect of his personality. We wanted to relive the atmosphere and the fun the brand had at that time.”

The brand also continued its partnership with the World Wrestling Entertainment in September, debuting a new ad that depicted wrestlers vying for the opportunity to play the Colonel in a commercial.

This month, the brand rolled out a Colonel Sanders Halloween costume as well.

KFC, a division of Yum! Brands Inc., has 4,200 U.S. locations.

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