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Flavor of the Week

Flavor of the Week: Tzatziki, a refreshing Greek condiment

A Greek condiment, tzatziki is simple in preparation that offers a refreshing pop of flavor. It’s made with strained yogurt, cucumbers and olive oil, and can be flavored with lemon, vinegar and dill (or sometimes mint).

You can spot tzatziki frequently paired with grilled meats and vegetables, or accompanying gyros for which it is the traditional condiment and adds a cooling effect to the flavorful meat.

More recent menuing shows tzatziki’s expansion into burgers and other sandwiches. It also has become a go-to dip option at many venues.

This Flavor of the Week is in the Proliferation stage, according to market research firm Datassential. Nearly 40% of American restaurant customers know of it, and more than one-fourth of them have tried it. Tzatziki can be found in mainstream fast-casual and casual chains as well as in quick-service restaurants.

Find out more about tzatziki by clicking through this slideshow edition of the Flavor of the Week.

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