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Why data is so important


For the modern restaurant, data is power. Data can tell you approximately how much beef you need to purchase for a typical Saturday evening shift, and it can tell you how many employees to put on the schedule for that evening, and perhaps most crucial of all—it can tell you what percentage of customers are ordering a beef entree, where they come from, and how likely they are to return on the following Saturday night.

But despite the importance of data, many operators don’t feel they are utilizing it to their advantage. In fact, according to the 2023 Restaurant Technology Outlook survey recently released by Nation’s Restaurant News, data is an untapped opportunity for operators. Only one-third of operators are believe that they’re definitely or probably optimizing data enough, while 43% of operators say the opposite. But despite the act that data can be crucial to operations, only one-quarter of respondents said that they want to invest in data management and security in the next year.

Let’s turn to Joanna Fantozzi for more on this story

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