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Charting the journey of the Grimace shake at McDonald's


The “person who runs McDonald’s account” texted in June to share that brand icon Grimace was hosting a birthday party beginning June 12. To celebrate, McDonald’s offered a Grimace Birthday Meal, with a limited-edition purple shake, the choice of a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, and fries.

This latest meal from the quick-service brand launched a whole marketing campaign they could have never predicted.

Users on TikTok, mostly Gen Z, took to the app for the Grimace Challenge where someone tries the Grimace shake and promptly falls or pretends to die. McDonald’s itself has gotten in on the challenge in its own small way, capitalizing on the latest marketing lightening in a bottle moment.

Traffic at the chain has been up since the shake’s introduction, in staggering numbers.

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