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Caviar on restaurant menus capitalizes on luxury and nostalgia


During times of economic uncertainty, luxury items tend to increase in popularity. Maybe it’s due to high-income people delaying buying big-ticket items but treating themselves to smaller pleasures, or generally stressed-out consumers splurging from time to time. Combine that reality with social media’s interest in visually appealing dishes, plus an intriguing shift by younger consumers toward classic items, and the time is ripe for caviar.

The sturgeon roe has long been the poster child of premium products, but as more farm-raised versions come onstream, caviar prices aren’t necessarily as high as they once were, especially in comparison to the general inflation of most food.

Caviar sales in 2022 exceeded $100 million, according to market research firm Fact.MR, and another research firm, Market Data Forecast, predicts compound annual growth in caviar consumption in North America of 8.9% through 2025.

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