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Amid Red Lobster's downfall, what can the restaurant do?


Red Lobster abruptly closed some 87 restaurants on Monday as the chain faces apparent cash-flow issues and loss of confidence from its largest owner. USA Today compiled a list of all of the shuttered restaurants listed on the chain’s web site. The closed locations are in 28 states, with the largest number, 16, in its home state of Florida, including three in Orlando.

Auction site Tagex has listed 48 closed Red Lobster locations and has put all of their contents up for sale in an auction scheduled to end on Tuesday. They’re “Winner Takes All” auctions, meaning buyers are bidding on the total contents of each restaurant.

Thai Union, which has long been a large minority shareholder in Red Lobster, said in January it would sell its stake in the company and has reportedly been looking for buyers ever since.

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