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See what the highest-paid restaurant CEOs made last year

Stock awards drive big gains for executives at public companies

CEO compensation at the largest public restaurant companies ran the gamut last year, ranging from around $300,000 to more than $33 million, according to NRN research.

The executives with the highest overall compensation reflected the growing influence of stock awards and other performance-based bonuses, a trend evident in other business segments as well.

For its annual executive salary survey, NRN reviewed SEC filings to compile 2018 pay for CEOs at 35 public restaurant companies in the NRN Top 200. This report looks at the total compensation each person received from a given company for 2018 and 2017. Executives who did not serve as CEO for the full year are noted, and figures may include some compensation for earlier non-CEO roles. This salary survey starts low and works up to last year’s highest-paid executive.

See how they stack up.

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