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Sweetgreen’s newest location goes entirely digital.

Sweetgreen to pilot first digital-only pickup location in Washington D.C.

The fast-casual restaurant with no indoor seating will open on Aug. 1

Sweetgreen, the Los Angeles-based fast-casual salad restaurant brand, is piloting a new digital-only pickup location in Washington, D.C., the chain announced on Friday. The Sweetgreen Pickup Kitchen will open Aug. 1.

Located in Washington D.C.’s Mount Vernon Square neighborhood, the new unit will not have an inside dining area or counter line; it will only have a pickup area and seating at an outdoor patio.

The pickup area will only be for digital orders from the Sweetgreen app, third-party delivery apps, or the company website.

The digital-only restaurant “allows Sweetgreen to move quickly to fulfill customer demand and reach new guests in areas that would not otherwise support a full-size restaurant,” according to the company.

Renderings show there will be a worker at the front-of-house to ensure orders are picked up properly.

Unlike the chain’s outpost locations where food is delivered from another kitchen, meals at this unit will be prepared onsite.

In 2021, 67% of Sweetgreen’s revenue came from digital orders.

Sweetgreen has over 150 locations.

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