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How Paris Baguette is winning in the bakery-café category

Korean-born Paris Baguette brand seized the opportunity of the pandemic to accelerate franchise development


While pivot was the buzzword of the pandemic for many foodservice brands, particularly those that rely on foot traffic, like the bakery café category, Paris Baguette did not pivot, the Korean-born bakery brand created a new normal for franchise development.

Moving forward, Paris Baguette is prioritizing expansion. Before 2021, the 100-unit brand (in the U.S.) was operating in just 11 states, and since then Paris Baguette has signed on 121 franchise agreements in 11 new states, with 66 units under development in 20 states in total. The ultimate goal is to have 1,000 units open by 2030.

“I think we remained very present throughout the course of the pandemic with operating our cafes,” Nick Scaccio, vice president of operations said in a statement. “Even at the start of the pandemic, we seldom closed cafes. And I think that presence really lent itself to the brand continuing to be available. And all the while we continue to focus on quality of product, continue to focus on r&d and new product development.”

Upcoming projects include a complete overhaul of Paris Baguette’s coffee program, with new packaging and a new made to order standardization process, and a new store prototype that lets customers have a peak into the kitchen to see the baking process.

“The prototype highlights what our primary focuses are, which are staying true to our roots, making the highest possible quality cakes, and presentation and display,” Scaccio said.


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