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IHOP POS.jpg Photo courtesy of IHOP
IHOP's previous POS system was more than 15 years old.

IHOP has a new point-of-sale system for the first time in 15 years

The restaurant’s new POS system includes performance analytics and integrates with other systems, like ordering and payment platforms.

IHOP has completed its systemwide rollout of a new point-of-sale system after a roughly two-year migration process. The company’s objective with the update was to enable a cloud-native platform that would allow it to retain its current hardware stack while also providing hardware flexibility for franchisees.

The chain tapped TRAY’s solution for the update, which includes reporting and performance analytics, and an open architecture for integration with other systems, like online ordering and payment platforms. IHOP’s previous system was more than 15 years old.

"We’ve not only modernized the IHOP guest and team member experience but have also adapted to the needs of our franchisees as the industry evolves," President Jay Johns said in a statement. “With new technology like server tablets, our franchisees’ team members can stay closer to our guests and ultimately provide a more efficient and joyful dining experience.”

IHOP has reported over 10,000 POS server tablets being leveraged across its locations using the new system, which has driven faster ordering and checkout times for guests.

“This is a critical step in the evolution of our iconic brand,” Justin Skelton, CIO and SVP of IT at parent company Dine Brands, said in a statement. “POS systems are essential to efficient operations and have major impacts on the guest and team member experience. Through this process, we’ve seen this technology has the power to decrease table turn times and increase tip and check.”

IHOP has also already leveraged its new tech stack to launch a community platform that allows local operators to raise money for campaigns and charities. During a recent interview, CMO Kieran Donahue said this is the first time the 65-year-old brand has rolled out a true community platform and it was able to do so because of its new POS.

“This (system) will allow us to continue supporting communities and causes and different moments throughout the year,” she said. “It allows us to be more flexible and adapt.”

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