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NRN editors discuss Chipotle, McDonald’s and Domino’s earnings — and the numbers are a mixed bag

Plus, hear from Nicole Tanner, founder of Swig


This week on the Extra Serving podcast, a product of Nation’s Restaurant News, editors Holly Petre, Sam Oches and Leigh Anne Zinsmeister talked about the week in Chipotle news, from the fast-casual restaurant chain’s same-store sales figures to its sustainability efforts to menu price increases.

Chipotle reported Q1 earnings this week, and their same-store sales were up 9% despite turnover being around 200%. That’s higher than average for restaurant companies and the editors discuss what that could mean for next quarter earnings for this growing company. The chain also talked about menu-price increases during the earnings call, and the team discussed what that means for the customer.

Also, Domino’s reported and after years of surging numbers, they are in the red. With same-store sales down 3.5% domestically, the pizza chain’s outgoing CEO Ritch Allison blamed the labor crisis, the war in Ukraine, and inflation for the chain’s lackluster performance. The team, with the help of analysis from editor Joanna Fantozzi, discuss what this means for the one-time booming brand and leader in tech innovation.

Finally, the team discussed McDonald’s earnings, which were on par with what analysts predicted, according to Zinsmeister. The largest restaurant brand in the world was up 3.5% domestically and almost 12% globally, despite losing $127 million in Russia due to store closures. The team discussed what this means for the quick service giant and how it could impact the industry that this titan keeps getting bigger.

This week’s interview is Nicole Tanner, founder of Swig, a drive-thru beverage company delivering the experience of a cold drink with service to boot.

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