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Skyline moving to new restaurant technology


CINCINNATI The Skyline Chili Corp., based here, is converting its near-135-unit namesake restaurant chain to Vision BeanStore point-of-sale and central-management software from PCMS, the vendor reported.

The integrated Vision BeanStore system gives franchisor and franchisee stores access to central marketing, menu, ingredient and price data, said representatives of PCMS, with North American offices in Springdale, Ohio. They indicated that the system uses biometrics at login for increased security and improved timekeeping accuracy, plays Skyline's jingle, "It's Skyline Time," as sale are tendered, and, by way of its integrated signature capture device, calculates tip options for customers.

Skyline chief financial officer Brett Clark said the PCMS system “was designed to be so easy to use, and we have found it takes less than 10 minutes to train an employee to use it.” Added the CFO, “With the high employee turnover in our industry, the PCMS solution not only provides us with better customer service, but we have also greatly reduced our training costs."

Clark has said that the 37 restaurants operated by the franchisor will convert to PCMS first, followed later by franchised locations.

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