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Buffalo Wild Wings rolls national TV campaign

MINNEAPOLIS Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. has launched its first fully national TV campaign and signed partnership deals with various cable networks to increase the brand’s reach in existing and future markets.

TV spots are airing on 12 different cable networks during prime time and during late-night network programs like “The Tonight Show,” “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “Saturday Night Live.”

The 465-unit chain also has partnered with the new Big Ten Network to become the exclusive sponsor of the half-time show during Big Ten football games. It also has signed product-placement deals with Spike TV, CourtTV and Fuse.

Buffalo Wild Wings has increased ad spending by 40 percent over last year and shifted to a national advertising strategy because it’s cost-effective in light of the brand’s growth, said Kathy Benning, senior vice president of marketing and brand development.

“The viewers of the networks and programming we selected are representative of our core customers,” she said.

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