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Tandoori chicken wrap

Tandoori chicken wrap

Junoon, New York City

Culinary creative director Aliya LeeKong found a new use for the restaurant’s signature tandoori chicken with this lunch dish.

She pulls the meat of the chicken and reheats it in an onion-tomato sauce flavored with cumin and finished with cream.

She then makes whole-wheat paratha dough and cooks it on a flat top instead of in the tandoor for a softer result.

“You can actually wrap it,” she said.

LeeKong then wraps the chicken in the paratha along with cilantro and mint chutney and serves it with a side of red potatoes cooked with mustard seed, turmeric, curry leaves and salt.

The dish is part of a $24, three-course lunch menu that also includes an appetizer and dessert.

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