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What America Eats

What America Eats

NRN explores consumers' changing relationship with food and what it means to restaurants

What America Eats is made up of a series of articles, which you can access by clicking on the links below. Download a PDF version of the report >>

What consumers are looking for in a restaurant has undergone a radical change.

Consumers want more. They don’t just want to consume food, they want to live through food. They want to feel good about all aspects of their meal: What a brand stands for, where the ingredients come from, and how the food is prepared.

A focus on ingredients and preparation doesn’t mean that diners are all 
turning to healthful options. Nutrition isn’t as important as freshness. Transparency is key. Perception is the new rule. Yes, contradictions abound.

This change has been spearheaded by Millennials, but it would be foolish to consider the shift limited to consumers age 18 to 34. This new mindset has infused the food culture and there is no turning back.

Restaurants must adapt quickly to the new consumer, or risk getting left behind.

In this special report, Nation’s Restaurant News editors take a careful look at what diners’ changing relationships with food mean for restaurant supply, menu, marketing and operations going forward. This report outlines the rapid change occurring on plates across the U.S., and what restaurants can do about it. This is what America eats. What America Eats logo

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