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32 trends to watch in 2024

NRN editors and a few outside voices weigh in on what the restaurant industry can expect in the year ahead

2023 was another transformative year for restaurants, as the industry settled into its new normal and continued to embrace adventurous menus, tech-fueled ordering systems, efficient store prototypes, and TikTok marketing campaigns.

But what’s around the corner in 2024? Will inflation finally cool down? Will lending open back up? Will drones finally be a thing? NRN editors Joanna Fantozzi, Alicia Kelso, Ron Ruggless, Bret Thorn, and Holly Petre — along with a few guest experts — put their heads together and came up with 32 trends the industry should expect to see in 2024.

From finance (will there be a recession or what?) to technology (what’s up with drones?) to food and beverage (tomato… cocktails?) the following gallery is full of predictions, ideas, and trends for restaurant operators to take with them into the new year. Don’t forget to also check out NRN’s 6 restaurant equipment trends to watch for, and check back soon to see what specifically our editors think we’ll see in 2024.

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