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zombie frappuccino Starbucks

Starbucks scares up Zombie Frappuccino

Halloween themed drink aims to target social media set

Starbucks Corp. unveiled its latest, terrifying creation on Thursday: A Zombie Frappuccino. 

The long-rumored drink features tart apple and caramel flavors and is topped with pink whipped cream “brains” and red mocha drizzle, which we can only imagine is meant to simulate blood.

The “creepy concoction” — Starbucks’ words, not ours — will be available through Halloween at participating locations while supplies last.


The drink is Starbucks’ latest effort to target the social media set. Earlier this year, the chain generated buzz and plenty of traffic with its color-shifting Unicorn Frappuccino.

In this instance, Starbucks has made a tradition of taking its Frappuccinos into scary directions every Oct. 31. In 2014, the chain offered a Franken Frappuccino beverage. Last year it sold what it called a “Frappula Frappuccino.”

“When brainstorming a new Frappuccino flavor this Halloween, we started by thinking about a Halloween party and monster mash,” Jennica Robinson, who is part of the chain’s beverage development team, said in a statement. “We already invited Frankenstein and vampires to the party, so we came up with another monster that could join the bash.”

In case you want Halloween items from Starbucks but don’t feel like consuming pink brains, the chain is also offering Mummy Cake Pops and a Day of the Dead Cookie.

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