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Chain restaurants take to oat milk as a coffee enhancer as well as a dessert base

The non-dairy beverage in becoming increasingly widespread

There’s something creamy, but also kind of oat-like, in the air this week as an increasingly popular dairy substitute made its way on to many chain menus.

The big news was the national rollout of oat milk by Starbucks. The Seattle-based coffee giant started by introducing oat milk in California last year, while also offering coconut milk and almond milk options.

Some consumers think oat milk interacts better with coffee than those other non-dairy options, providing a creamy mouthfeel that more closely resembles milk.

Starbucks was actually preceded in its oat milk launch by Dunkin’, which introduced it nationally last August, and this week other brands also debuted new items with the vegan product.

Dutch Bros Coffee has combined oat milk with espresso, lavender and white chocolate sauce for a special drink that will be available through April.

Peet’s Coffee, which has been offering oat milk drinks since the beginning of last year, has a new permanent horchata-themed drink made with cold brew coffee and oat milk, as well as a limited-time offer with turmeric.

PJ’s coffee, on the other hand, is simply sweetening its oat milk latte with  honey.

Similar to Peet’s horchata Yogurtland is emphasizing the flavor of oats with its first frozen dessert made with oat milk: a cinnamon oatmeal cookie yogurt.

Earlier this year, Your Pie also introduced a vegan frozen dessert with oat milk: Berry Almond Crisp Gelato.

Click through the gallery to look at these new menu items with oat milk.

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