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The Speaker and the Slider

I don't want to start a nationwide incident or have the Secret Service knocking on my door, but quick-service chain White Castle just pulled off a major coup in Washington: getting Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) as the first inductee in 2011 to the brand's Cravers Hall of Fame. White Castle, based in Columbus, Ohio, just a few hours from Boehner's district, honored the speaker at a "Castles at the Capitol" ceremony on Monday at the Capitol building.

"Every year, a select number of Cravers and honorary celebrity Cravers are inducted into White Castle's Cravers Hall of Fame," said Jamie Richardson, White Castle's vice president of government and corporate relations. "Speaker Boehner has shared with us his fond memories of eating White Castle as a kid in southwestern Ohio. There was no better time to induct him than during our first 'Castles at the Capitol' event."

Speaker Boehner, a native of the Cincinnati suburb Reading, was presented with a commemorative plaque engraved with a circa-1963 photo of White Castle's Cincinnati restaurant No. 11, where he hung out as a young boy.

White Castle, I know this is a major public relations win for you as you're celebrating your 90th birthday, but what are you thinking?! Boehner, a favorite whipping boy of late-night comedians due to his penchant for openly weeping on the national stage, won't be able to stop crying if you keep taking him down Memory Lane with a photograph of his boyhood White Castle. How long will this delay the bipartisan budget negotiations?

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