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Sonic rolls out value menu

Sonic rolls out value menu

OKLAHOMA CITY Sonic Corp. on Monday launched a national value menu at its 3,500-unit drive-in chain.

The Everyday Value Menu, which Sonic announced earlier this month, features 11 items, including four entrees, three side items and four snacks and beverages, all priced at $1 each. All items are available all day.

Entree selections are a Chicken Strip Sandwich; Junior Deluxe Burger with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise; Junior Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap; and a Junior Breakfast Burrito. Sides include smaller size offerings of Tots and fries and a fresh banana. The snacks and beverages are a small soft drink, a selection of small slushes, a small vanilla cone, and a Junior Candy Sundae with a choice of candy offerings.

Paul Macaluso, vice president of marketing for Oklahoma City-based Sonic, said the chain's executives made the decision to develop a value menu after monitoring competitors and seeing how consumers responded.

"Value menus have been driving the industry over the last several months," he said.

While fast-food stalwarts like McDonald's and Wendy's have long featured value menus, more chains are rolling out or testing value offerings as a way to tempt cash-conscious consumers. Next year KFC will launch its first national value meal featuring nine items priced between 99 cents and $1.99, according to parent company Yum! Brands Inc. And earlier this year, Hardee's rolled out a smaller, cheaper version of its premium Thickburger. Officials from the 1,917-unit chain said the $1.99 Little Thickburger was aimed at customers who said the original was "either too big or too expensive to order as much as they would like, particularly in this challenging economic environment."

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