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Scallops with sunchoke mostarda

Scallops with sunchoke mostarda

Ciano, New York City

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This is a springtime variation of chef Shea Gallante’s autumn dish made with Hubbard squash mostarda, which is itself a variation on traditional Italian mostarda, which is usually made with fruit.

Gallante chops sunchokes and apples into small dice and cooks them in a mixture of vegetable stock, apple juice, simple syrup, mustard seed and mustard oil until tender.

He also cooks mustard seeds separately, blanching them three times and then simmering them in vinegar.

Gallante strains the apples and sunchokes, cooks the liquid into a syrup and adds the apples and sunchokes back, along with the mustard seeds.

He scores diver scallops, seasons them with salt and pepper and sears them.

He drizzles the scallops with a dressing of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit that has been emulsified with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper, and serves them with the mostarda and pickled red cabbage.

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