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Root beer-marinated short ribs

Root beer-marinated short ribs

Toasted Oak Grill & Market, Novi, Mich.

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Executive chef Steven Grosnick, who is a major booster for his native state of Michigan, simultaneously shows local pride and taps into his customers’ comfort food urges by marinating the meat for this dish in a local root beer from a company that has produced soda in the state since 1907.

He packs salted short ribs into a baking dish and sprinkles them with chopped Spanish onions, bay leaves, thyme and black peppers, then covers them in the root beer. He marinates the ribs for at least 12 hours.

Grosnick sears the meat in hot olive oil, then puts it back in its baking dish. He covers it in a mixture of sautéed Spanish onions and carrots, tomato paste, and a reduction of bourbon, red wine, demiglace and the original marinade. Finally, he braises it until it’s fork-tender.

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