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Osteen to shut S.C. restaurants

PAWLEY'S ISLAND S.C. Celebrated Southern chef Louis Osteen said he plans to close his restaurants here to concentrate on his pair of Las Vegas eateries.

Louis's at Pawley's and The Fish Camp Bar in Pawley's Island will close after Labor Day when their leases are up.

Osteen, who will continue to operate Louis's Las Vegas and The Fish Camp in Las Vegas, also said he is in talks with developers to license the more casual Fish Camp concept in New York, Florida and possibly elsewhere.

Osteen noted that business had been slow at his South Carolina operations, but said he was shuttering them because he wanted "to simplify things. It's a long haul back and forth between South Carolina and Las Vegas."

In addition, he said business potential was much greater in Las Vegas.

ASouth Carolina native and a James Beard award-winning chef, Osteen has operated restaurants in South Carolina since 1980. He expanded into Las Vegas when he opened the high-end Louis's Las Vegas and the more casual The Fish Camp in Las Vegas last November. The restaurants, which cost an estimated $7 million, are located in Town Square near the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

Both Las Vegas restaurants emphasize Southern cooking.

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