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New approved drive-thru technology vendor for CKE


CARPINTERIA Calif. CKE Restaurants Inc., based here, parent of the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. quick-service chains, has named HyperActive Technologies of Pittsburgh as among preferred providers of drive-thru timer and order-confirmation-board systems, the vendor said.

Carl’s Jr. operates or franchises to others approximately 1,100 restaurants, and Hardee’s has about 1,900 company-operated and franchised units.

HyperActive said its QTimer links in real time with point-of-sale systems, tying individual orders to recorded times for analysis of drive-thru operations; supports enterprise reporting; and displays same-day summaries and the status of vehicles at three different service points. The vendor said its HyperView graphics-based confirmation board system improves order accuracy; supports centralized management of multiple units; and displays cross-sell and up-sell items based on the order in progress.

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