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McD, facing BK breakfast threat, begins 'value' test


OAK BROOK Ill. In what could be preparations to preempt arch-rival Burger King, McDonald's Corp. is testing value-oriented breakfast menus that could be offered to franchisees as a local marketing option.

Aheadquarters spokeswoman here confirmed reports that McDonald's is testing a Breakfast Dollar Menu, consisting of variations on the chain's usual morning offerings. The choices could include a sausage sandwich lacking the egg that would make it a Sausage McMuffin; a breakfast burrito; and a chicken biscuit sandwich, previously reported to be in test. McDonald's is also testing a slightly pricier array: an egg and cheese biscuit sandwich; a smaller-size fruit and walnut salad; and a variation on the McGriddle sandwich.

The spokeswoman declined to say how many markets are participating in the test, which comes as Burger King is considering the launch of value-oriented breakfast deals.

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