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KFC rolls out first national value menu

KFC rolls out first national value menu

LOUISVILLE Ky. KFC on Tuesday rolled out its first national value menu with 10 items priced between 99 cents and $1.99.

KFC's Ultimate Value Menu features items at three different price points. The 99-cent items include a KFC Snacker Sandwich, two biscuits or two Apple Turnovers; the $1.49 items include a side salad or a KFC Toasted Wrap; and the $1.99 items include Popcorn Chicken with Potato Wedges, three Hot Wings with Potato Wedges, a Snack-Size Bowl or a Honey BBQ Sandwich.

"In these economic times, KFC understands that Americans crave great value," said Roger Eaton, the president of the 5,300-unit chain.

KFC's parent, Yum! Brands Inc., said late last year it planned to introduce a value menu as it works to boost sales at the chain. Those efforts have included a new ad campaign that highlights the freshness of KFC's chicken as well as the chain's trans-fat-free menu. And later this year, KFC has said it plans to roll out a new line of grilled chicken.

As consumers cut back on their restaurant spending amid the recession, more chains have introduced national value menus or combo meals for the first time. Sonic and Dairy Queen both recently launched value menus, and Starbucks on Monday detailed plans for its first national discount promotion with "breakfast pairings" for $3.95.

KFC's sister chain, Taco Bell, launched a new value menu last spring with 10 items priced at 79 cents, 89 cents or 99 cents.

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