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How McDonald's uses social media to connect

Rick Wion, director of social media for McDonald’s Corp., says social media avenues, such as Twitter, allow big corporations the opportunity to make the restaurant experience warmer and more intimate.

“It’s really not about how many people are following you," Wion said. "It’s about the level of engagement, really the strong connections you are making with customers.”

VIDEO: Nation’s Restaurant News spoke with Wion last week after his presentation to the National Restaurant Association Marketing Executives Group fall gathering in Scottsdale, Ariz. Wion discusses how McDonald's operates its Twitter feed, social media and franchisees, as well as keeping your legal department in the loop.

McDonald’s staffs its Twitter account with four or five executives from its communications department and three people from the customer satisfaction department, Wion said. They help McDonald’s take the “restaurant experience beyond [the] doors."

“You can really get out there and build these relationships," he said.

"What you need to do is look at [social media followers] as your customers, because they are," he said. "You need to give them all that same warm hospitality and all the great care you would if they were inside your restaurants.”

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