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Chick-fil-A rolls trans-fat-free menu

ATLANTA Chick-fil-A said it has eliminated artificial trans fats from its entire menu after two years of working with supply partners.

The 1,400-unit quick-service chain said core menu items such as its chicken sandwich, nuggets and strips have been trans-fat-free since their introduction, and that it has been working for two years to remove trans fats from its Waffle Fries, breakfast biscuits, condiments, sauces and desserts.

Chick-fil-A said the only menu item that still contains trans fat is its cheesecake, though the chain contends the 0.5 grams per serving are “naturally occurring” trans fat and not artificial.

The chain acknowledged that some of the current biscuit recipe supply, which contains trans fat, is still in the system, but it expects all its restaurants to be serving the trans-fat-free biscuits by the end of the month.

Last week Miami-based Burger King said that all of its U.S. and Canadian restaurants were now cooking with trans-fat-free oil, and that by Nov. 1 its entire menu, including par-fried items, would be prepared with ingredients containing zero grams of trans fat.

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