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140 McD’s launch ‘Free Coffee Mondays’ espresso promo

KANSAS CITY Mo. McDonald’s said 140 of its restaurants in the Kansas City area are giving away free espresso-based specialty coffees every Monday through January in a promotion of its McCafe line, which includes mochas, lattes and cappuccinos.

This month and next, the "Free Coffee Mondays" promotion features a complimentary small Vanilla Latte. In December, the Monday freebie will be a Cafe Mocha, and in January the offering is slated to be a Caramel Cappuccino. 

Already in test at hundreds of McDonald's in at least six states, the espresso drink line includes beverages with various options and flavors, including iced, caramel and vanilla, as well as hot chocolate and the premium-roast standard coffee the chain rolled out last year to replace its regular brew.

Internal company planning documents quoted in recent published reports have indicated that McDonald's intends to roll out its specialty beverages chainwide by the end of next year in a quest for $1 billion in added sales annually.

Customers can substitute McCafe Specialty Coffees in Extra Value Meals for an additional charge, the chain said in its announcement of the Kansas City promotion. Most of the drinks are available in 12-ounce, 16-ounce and 20-ounce sizes. Prices and participation vary by location.

"McDonald's continues to engage customers by extending premium coffee choices during breakfast and throughout the day," said Steve Bates, president of the local McDonald's owner-operator group in Kansas City.

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