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Taco Bell to hire 3,500 new workers

Chain ramps up hiring ahead of busy summer season and unit growth

Taco Bell aims to create 3,500 new jobs this summer, as it looks to reach 8,000 U.S. locations by the end of 2022. The chain expects to open approximately 80 restaurants in the summer.

“Last year, we announced our commitment to hire 100,000 new team members in our system by 2020,” said Brian Niccol, Taco Bell CEO. “We are now taking that commitment to the next level with recruiting and employment programs to help us and our franchisees invest in our employees and their experience in significant ways.”

The newly created positions will be geared towards short-term and seasonal work, or people searching for their first job. Although the openings are appropriate for those seeking temporary work, Bjorn Erland, Taco Bell vice president of human resources, said there is opportunity for more permanent roles.

“When we’re creating these jobs with new development, they aren’t actually temporary jobs,” Erland said, noting that entry-level employees will have the chance to eventually earn leadership roles. “But we need people on the ground to run [the restaurants].”

Taco Bell chief people officer Frank Tucker echoed that sentiment.

“Taco Bell team members are our biggest and most important brand ambassadors, and we are proud of and committed to maintaining the fact that 80 percent of our restaurants’ leadership roles are promoted from within,” Tucker said.

In addition to the new roles, Taco Bell expects to fill vacancies for 50,000 existing positions as the calendar approaches summer, the restaurant’s “busiest season of the year.”

In order to enhance the employee experience, the company announced the inaugural Taco Bell 30 Under 30 list. The new designation will honor standout team members.

“We want to be able to market both externally and internally to our leaders and our employees the opportunity to grow at Taco Bell into leadership roles,” Erland said.

He noted a recent partnership with the career resource Roadtrip Nation. The joint venture captures the stories and career paths of current Taco Bell employees and alumni to show what working for the chain can do for an employee’s future.

“Our system’s employees are central to creating exceptional experiences for the 46 million customers we serve each week,” Tucker said. “Taco Bell and our franchisees are committed to building workplaces where team members want to work and grow.” 

Taco Bell, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Inc., has 7,000 domestic restaurants. 

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