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Transforming Your Restaurant Tech Stack

Virtually all restaurant operators agree on the need to keep up with rapid changes in hospitality technology. But they are far less certain about how to take the next step — or sometimes the first step — when they must weigh their needs for functionality and integration against their constrained budgets.

Should they look to grow sales through customer-facing technology and loyalty programs? Or focus on streamlining operations and controlling costs? Then there is the question of how to unleash the potential of the customer and operational data at their fingertips.

Following the release of Nation’s Restaurant New Intelligence’s 2023 Restaurant Tech Outlook — which revealed the tech strategies of nearly 400 restaurant operators — this session will dive deeper into the data and trends. Find out how leading operators are prioritizing their investments, and how emerging solutions like artificial intelligence are poised to transform the future of restaurants.

Join us to learn:

  • How operators balance the needs of both customers and employees when investing in tech
  • Which customer data sources are mainstream — and which are ready to break through
  • Why wider adoption of A.I. in the restaurant industry could come sooner than you think

NEW Micahel Schatzberg_headshot copy.jpgMichael Schatzberg
Founder & Managing Partner
Branded Hospitality Ventures

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Founder and CEO

Christi_Ravneberg_headshot.jpgChristi Ravneberg
Director, Research and Insights for Nation’s Restaurant News

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Associate Director, Research and Insights for Nation’s Restaurant News

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