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Key Considerations for Online Ordering in 2024

Are you looking at online ordering as a key growth area for 2024? If so, you’re looking in the right place. The online food delivery market was valued at $221 billion last year and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 10.3% until 2030.   

It’s a fast-moving area of restaurant tech, but you don’t have to spend hours searching through articles to get up to speed. This webinar brings you the latest in trends, customer expectations, and strategic considerations related to launching and managing an online ordering solution.  

Paytronix Vice President of Online Ordering Tim Ridgely will answer your biggest questions and provide actionable insights for every step of the online ordering journey, from selecting to future-proofing your tech solution.  

Join this webinar to learn: 

  • The components and considerations for online ordering 
  • Actionable insights from online ordering trends: latest tools, strategies, and expectations 
  • Tips for operational success with online ordering 


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Tim Ridgely 
VP of Online Ordering

New Ryan.jpgRyan DiLello
Content Specialist 

alan liddle .jpgAlan Liddle - Moderator
Contributing Event Content Editor & Moderator
Restaurant and Food Group

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