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Rethinking company policy at restaurants

This video post is part of Sullivision on, a resource center for restaurants looking for service, leadership and sales-building techniques from industry expert and NRN columnist Jim Sullivan.

The hard part of foodservice leadership is not getting new ideas in our head but re-examining the old ideas and challenge the process.

Start by asking the following questions: How did policies begin in your restaurant company? Do your policies encourage creativity or do they restrict innovation? Do they support a "people-first" culture or cause silos to form? Are your old policies still aligned to your core values?

But it’s not enough to think outside of the box. We must also act outside the box and actually change company policies.

This popular short video, "Spraying Monkeys With Cold Water," examines the process of company policy-making and people development with an interesting parable about monkeys, bananas and water.

This video clip is excerpted from the 90-minute-long DVD "60 Second Lessons in Leadership."

Jim Sullivanis chief executive and founder of, which designs leadership, service and sales-building products, programs and services for the Top 200 restaurant and retail brands worldwide. Clients include McDonald’s, American Express and Walt Disney Company.Sullivan is also a popular keynote speaker at leadership conferences worldwide. More information on Sullivision and its products and services can be found at

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