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10 tasks high-performing managers do before shifts

This video post is part of Sullivision on, a resource center for restaurants looking for service, leadership and sales-building techniques from industry expert and NRN columnist Jim Sullivan.
Managers should not run shifts; they should lead them.

And what do high-performing general managers, assistant managers and shift leaders do to make every shift as productive and profitable as possible? They begin by examining the architecture of a profitable shift, breaking each one down into three manageable phases: before, during and after.

In the first of three videos that detail the best practices of each phase, this tutorial will break down the 10 tasks that managers should perform before each shift to guarantee more profitability. From the importance of a strong schedule to line checks, pre-shift meetings and creative goal setting, you’ll learn fresh ways to set up every shift for success.

This short video is excerpted from the best-selling hour-long DVD "60 Second Lessons in Leadership." Be sure to also watch the two upcoming companion videos here at, titled "During the Shift" and "After the Shift."

Jim Sullivan is chief executive and founder of, which designs leadership, service and sales-building products, programs and services for the Top 200 restaurant and retail brands worldwide. Clients include McDonald’s, American Express and Walt Disney Company. More information on Sullivision and its products and services can be found at

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