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3 Coffee associations you need to check out

Trade associations play an important role within a specific industry.

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Trade associations play an important role within a specific industry. The coffee industry has several trade associations that promote best practices, provide valuable research, establish guidelines for training, education and certification, communicate industry news, encourage the exchange of ideas, and serve as a voice for the industry in regulatory issues.

World Coffee Research, the National Coffee Association, and the Specialty Coffee Association stand out among the best associations that are worth looking into as the best resources for all things coffee related.

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Formed in 2012 by the global coffee industry, World Coffee Research (WCR) is a collaborative, non-for-profit research organization specializing in advanced agricultural research and development for the benefit of the coffee industry as a whole.

WCR uses advanced and applied research in the following areas: breeding, genetics and genomics, agronomy, phytopathology, sensory and chemistry science, and socioeconomics

Because coffee consumption continues to rise, production also needs to increase. If consumption continues at an average increase of 2% per year, by 2050 we’ll need to double current production. More than ever it is important to understand the significant threats that climate change, disease, and pests pose to production and how to minimize their impact.

WCR strives to deliver information and agricultural practices that will help farmers grow higher quality coffee on more productive farms resulting in higher profits. To do that WCR, is involved in projects to produce higher yield, more resilient coffee varieties.

WCR’s mission is to “Grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.”

For more information or to become a member, please visit

National Coffee Association: Industry Advocate

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 Since 1911, the National Coffee Association (NCA), has been an advocate for the U.S. coffee industry. Because coffee is an agricultural import, a publicly traded commodity, an ingredient, a roasted retail product, and a popular beverage, there are various regulatory issues that face the coffee industry. In pursuit of fair solutions, the NCA works with numerous U.S. and international government agencies to represent the coffee industry’s needs.

According to their web site, “Depending on what's needed, the NCA may flag potential problems, identify and protect industry priorities, provide specialized expertise, or lead communications campaigns. Often these issues are ongoing and can come with unexpected ramifications if not monitored closely.” Issue include:

  • WHO/ IARC Coffee and Cancer Declassification
  • Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • U.S. Dietary Guidelines
  • Safe Food for Canadians Act
  • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Caffeine Opinion
  • Nutritional Fact Panel

The NCA provides updates to the industry’s latest issues, provides market research, education, and hosts events such as their Annual Conference and Coffee Summit for members.

Go to for more information.

Specialty Coffee Association: Building the Future of Specialty Coffee

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The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a global, non-profit, membership-based association that fosters a collaborative, open, and inclusive environment for the purpose of sharing knowledge to promote global specialty coffee. SCA members include coffee farmers, roasters, baristas, and allied suppliers to the coffee value chain.

SCA’s mission is to “Engage, inspire, and expand a sustainable global specialty coffee trade through leadership in events, education, and research.”

Their core values focus on providing members with value through relevant events, education, and research by promoting sustainable growth, encouraging a global community, and respecting diverse perspectives in a discrimination-free, harassment-free safe space.

SCA provides valuable research in coffee chemistry, coffee physics, agronomy, and sensory perception to the coffee community.

The SCA encourages members to get involved in specific guilds such as the Coffee Roasters Guild, the Coffee Technicians Guild, and the Barista Guild to network, learn and participate in global events throughout the year.

SCA web site provides the latest industry news, educational webinars, videos and podcasts, plus information on training programs, and trips to origin.

For more information, please visit

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