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How Marco’s Pizza is preparing itself for growth with technology and innovation

The pizza company’s chief experience officer Steve Seyferth sits down with NRN to discuss the brand’s epic 2020


Marco’s Pizza is trying to be the fourth largest pizza chain and, after a year like 2020, the quick-service restaurant is on the right path.

“We’re surging ahead and looking to double operations in the next few years,” said Steve Seyferth, chief experience officer for Marco’s Pizza.

Last year, the quick-service pizza chain saw same-store sales go up 24.7% year-over-year, but that wasn’t only due to the success of pizza and comfort food during the pandemic.

In late 2019, Marco’s released a national ad campaign to bring awareness to the brand. The chain had also just launched an app and updated its tech suite around the same time, thanks to Seyferth’s influence as CMO at the time. Basically, the chain was ready for the pandemic.

Since then, innovation and ease of experience have been top of mind for the chain following in the footsteps of Domino’s and its timely service. One program in the works is text-to-order, still in the testing phase, through which Marco’s Pizza is investing in younger consumers who no longer use online ordering.

Watch this video with Marco’s chief experience officer for more information about the growing brand.

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