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Chick-fil-A customers first learned of the side salad’s disappearance when one Chick-fil-A location posted a Facebook photo with a flier announcing its departure from the menu.

Chick-fil-A was going to take the side salad off the menu until the ire of superfans made the brand change its mind

The quick-service chain is keeping the side salad on menus after the company’s social media was flooded with complaints

Just about a week ago, Chick-fil-A announced it would be removing the side salad from its menu. Fans of the Atlanta-based quick-service chain were not happy and made their voices heard. They were so loud that Chick-fil-A actually went back on its decision and decided to leave the side salad on menus, the chain announced on Friday.

“At Chick-fil-A, our guests come first,” the company stated via e-mail. “Based on feedback, we have decided not to proceed with removing our side salad from the menu. We will continue serving the item at participating restaurant locations and hope customers continue to enjoy this menu offering.”

The salad comes with mixed greens, Monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, and grape tomatoes.

Customers first learned of the menu item’s disappearance when one Chick-fil-A location posted a Facebook photo with a flier announcing the salad’s departure from the menu.

One Facebook user responded, “I think this is not a good decision. A lot of people eat that salad with nuggets.” 

At the time the chain announced the salad’s removal it said, “Spring is here, and we are taking the opportunity to refresh our menu. One of the changes is a farewell to our side salad beginning April 3. We want to continue providing you the quality food and service you’ve come to expect, so we’ve had to make some hard choices about what we continue to offer on our menu.”

Twitter was abuzz with similar sentiments.


The salad was initially set to leave menus on April 3, but is sticking around for now.

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